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Our system Enigma comes with a unique clinic system and i- inventory where both of this has been enhanced to manage your clinic and we in Enigmed will be here to provide solutions to any complications.

i- Inventory

What is i- inventory? A system developed to manage the entire clinic inventory where items are stocking up with QR code or barcodes for systematic tracking.

All your nurses need to do is just upload the PO, DO or invoices from your respective suppliers to Enigma and this will be picked up by the system and your order will be processed accordingly and posted to your live inventory. All scanned documents will be traceable by the clinics anytime and will be stored by date and month thus knowing when and where items have been purchase is just a finger tip away.

Items in the inventory are real time and will be visible to nurses and clinic management, all items are stored by their respective packaging quantity. Clinics to dispense the Items by scanning in the items QR or barcode, where system will compute the balance stock and inventory will auto update real time.

Below is the feature of i-inventory:

  • Fast- and slow-moving stock alert
  • Medication expiry date countdown
  • Daily outgoing reports on outgoing medication
  • Daily and monthly stock movement reports
  • Trackable purchase history and dispensary
  • Medicine tracking
  • Transfer stock to Branches
  • Lookup List Related to Inventory
  • Real time clinic performance access by Clinic owners
  • Medication Expiry alert trigger

Unique Clinic System

Is link to the i- inventory and below are the features:

  • Patient Registration
  • Queue Management
  • Patient Appointment (Preregistration)
  • Doctor Schedules
  • Nurses Schedules
  • Prescription & Dispensing
  • Inventory Update
  • Medicine Expiry Alert
  • Listing & Print Medical Certificate or Time Slip (Fixed Template)
  • Handle Cash & Panel Payment
  • Panel Invoices Bulk Generation
  • Panel payment Due Date Tracking & Alert
  • Invoice with Clinic letter head
  • Leave application for Doctors and Nurses
  • Doctors and Nurses individual user access
  • Clinic performance report daily, weekly and Monthly
Services & Support

Below are the services coming with the system enrollment:

  • On site visit – (when necessary)
  • Revamping service of storage (available upon request)
  • System Training - Clinic Admin/Nurse
  • Dedicated customer support officer
  • Back-end System support
  • System maintenance
  • Server hosting
  • Free upgrades
  • Free support and aftercare

Our support team is ever ready to support your queries, as we understand the importance of given our customer a peace of mind by free and ongoing support as part of our aftercare service.

We assure Clinic owners peace of mind with Enigma you can be confident that our support team and system will help you better manage your business needs at your clinic.

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