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About us

ENIGMED Services Sdn Bhd was formed to curb the current trend of system and process in the private clinical industry. We in Enigmed have manage to identify the gap in the current private clinical industries and have manage to streamline the process with developing a smart web base system (Enigma) to assist clinics in their daily business. We have in Enhanced the current system process, by helping clinics to Manage the process flow and providing Solution.

In Enigmed we have seen the complicity in clinic management where most of the system out there are DIY (Do it yourself) base and clinic owners relying on their nurses to manage the task especially in inventory management where stock is counted manually. We are here to ease the burden for clinics by provide utmost service to our customers.

Provide solution to all clinics with our unique clinic system and I- inventory with adding on value added support for all and we do it for you.

We Enhance the system by Managing and providing Solution.